For the vast majority of patients, the only negative effects of medical cannabis use are temporary dry mouth and burning eyes. Some patients may have a sudden and unpleasant side effect called “vasovagal syncope,” which is similar to fainting.

Some studies suggest that THC’s hypotensive effects contribute to these blackouts. When the pressure suddenly drops, it can be shocking to the body, and in extreme circumstances, it can cause fainting.

Although first-hand knowledge is limited, understanding the causes of and solutions for marijuana-related fainting can help keep users safe. What the research shows is this.

Link Between Marijuana Use and Passing Out

As a result of a condition known as vasovagal syncope, medical cannabis usage has been linked to dizziness and fainting in certain patients. Situational syncope, brought on by activities like peeing or coughing, and carotid syncope, in which the carotid artery becomes constricted, are two further forms.

Several considerations explain why pot consumption might lead to vasovagal syncope. The decrease in blood pressure that follows Medical Cannabis use is one such element.

One of the primary cannabinoids in medicinal marijuana is THC, which has vasodilatory effects. For this reason, people with hypertension often take medicinal marijuana, but those whose blood pressure is already dangerously low should avoid it. In addition to causing a reduction in blood pressure, THC speeds up the body’s metabolic processes in general.

Causes and Effects of Vasovagal Syncope

To put it simply, vasovagal syncope happens when the parts of the nervous system that control heart rate and blood pressure react to a stressful or upsetting input, such seeing blood or hearing a loud noise.

Your heart rate drops unexpectedly and your leg blood vessels widen. You’ll temporarily black out when blood leaves your brain and rushes to your legs.

Importantly, vasovagal syncope doesn’t require therapy and is completely painless. People can hurt themselves when fainting, for example by banging their heads on furniture (which certainly is dangerous). Your doctor may suggest diagnostic procedures to rule out more serious reasons of your fainting, such heart disease or an underlying medical condition.

Factors Increasing the Probability of Passing Out

Few research have looked at the possible links between marijuana and light-headedness. One of the key implications is that the likelihood of passing out when under the influence of cannabis is very context and individual dependent.

This suggests that those whose blood pressure is already low may be at a higher risk of being lightheaded after smoking medical cannabis.

Similar findings were shown in another study; participants who reported feeling dizzy upon standing up had lower heart rates and blood pressures than those who didn’t report feeling dizzy.

These results shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that medical marijuana has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure, which can lead to fainting if not enough blood reaches the brain. While additional study is needed, it is possible that Medical Cannabis interacts with a number of different biological pathways that contribute to the fainting sensation.

Finally, the chance of passing out when smoking medical cannabis may vary depending on how it is consumed. The quick absorption of cannabinoids via methods like smoking or vaping Medical Cannabis can be a bit of a shock to the system. Edibles and oils, which take longer to take effect, may be safer for those concerned about passing out.

Warning Indicators

Before passing out due to vasovagal syncope, a person may exhibit any of the following symptoms: weakness, nausea, light-headedness, warmth, and a chilly sweat.

Some tell-tale signs of vasovagal syncope for onlookers are: dilated pupils, jerky movements, Weak or sluggish heartbeat.

In little than a minute after experiencing vasovagal syncope, most people feel normal again. It’s advisable to remain seated for 15 to 30 minutes after passing out to reduce the likelihood of passing out again.

How to Maintain Consciousness While Using Medical Cannabis

If they feel the signs of vasovagal syncope coming on, those who use medical cannabis may be able to prevent the episode in certain cases. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, lie down and raise your legs so that gravity can help maintain blood flowing to your brain. Sit with your head resting on your knees if you can’t lie down. Do this until your symptoms ease.

There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the effects of medical cannabis and reduce the likelihood that you may pass out after using it.

Try a different strain: Changing to a lower-THC strain is one possibility, as the reduced THC content (or the fact that it is balanced with greater CBD levels) can reduce the strain’s potential to widen your blood vessels and prevent your blood pressure from dropping too low.

Sitting or lying down decreases the danger of fainting from using medicinal marijuana since the blood doesn’t have to go as far as it does when you’re standing.

If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, try opening a window for some fresh air.

If you’re suffering regular fainting episodes while taking Medical Cannabis, talk to your doctor about how to change your therapy. One option is to switch to edibles or oils, which have a much slower onset time than smoking or vaporising, giving your body more time to acclimatise to THC levels.

Summing Up

Many people might benefit from medical marijuana, but the risk of passing out is too great for most to consider it. Fortunately, those who use medical marijuana may take both long-term and immediate precautions to reduce their risk of passing out, so they can reap marijuana’s health advantages without interrupting their routine.


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